With the holiday season upon us, perhaps the best gift this year will be the ability to safely gather once again after many 2020 holiday festivities took place over Zoom and other video-conferencing platforms. But come equipped for the holidays with the perfect gift for Mom or Grandma as you head to your celebrations.

Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at five of the best holiday gifts that any senior leading lady will love.

  1. Microwavable Scented Neck Wrap

Get through those chilly days and nights while smelling great at the same time! Up to 90 seconds in the microwave will make it toasty warm and a scent of lavender will add to the relaxation. And don’t put it away in the warmer months, as you can also let it chill in the freezer to cool off when those hot days and nights roll back around.

  1. Bird Feeder for the Window

Don’t strain your eyes trying to see the birds congregating by the bath or feeder in the middle of your backyard—bring nature right to you with this acrylic bird feeder that sticks against the window of your choice.

  1. Massaging Dual Showerhead

Add the best of both worlds to the bathroom with a dual showerhead that can either run separately or at the same time. A total of 12 spray modes will help ease muscle tension all over the body.

  1. Stonewall Kitchen Favorites Gift Basket

If the person you’re buying for is the entertaining type and is making up for lost time after 2020, consider this gift basket of crackers, dressing, spreads, and dips.

  1. 2022 Weekly Coloring Planner

Adult coloring books are all the rage, and add some functionality with this weekly coloring planner for next year, featuring room to store all of the appointments and birthdays that a mom or grandmother needs.


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