The Bronx Center’s multilingual, interdisciplinary renal care team—comprised of a board-certified nephrologist, registered nurses, a renal dietician and certified social workers—ensures that each resident receives the best possible care and individualized medical attention.

Along with the comprehensive, cutting-edge treatment and consummate, compassionate care, patients in the Bronx Center for Renal Dialysis enjoy soothing surroundings and special amenities. Each station features comfortable dialysis recliners with heat and massage functions, as well as personal smart TVs.

Bronx Center is elevating the quality of care for those suffering from chronic kidney disease. Keeping the body in balance and improving the lives of those they care for is their mission—and their promise.

The nephrology-certified social workers play a pivotal role in that mission. They educate the patient and/or patient’s Health Care Proxy on the role of the dialysis social worker, explaining all of the services that the department of dialysis social work provides. Those services include: supportive counseling on adjusting to life on dialysis, patient advocacy, patient education, patient engagement and patient encouragement. They also educate about community referrals for home health care services and vocational rehabilitation for those patients who wish to go to school or return to work. Psychosocial Assessments are completed upon admission, quarterly and annually, in which clinical depression screenings, Advanced Directives, transportation options, kidney transplant options and home modalities, amongst other topics are discussed with the patient.

In other words, their commitment to restoring and maintaining the health and well-being of their patients doesn’t end when they leave the Center. Improved diet, better fitness and continuing education about alternate treatment options and how to live and work with renal disease are all integral parts of the program.

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