This summer travel season will likely be a lot different due to the threat of coronavirus still in our communities. While many areas are beginning to open up, it’s important to take a common-sense approach to activities, including any vacation plans you may have. 

You’ll first want to avoid air travel, if at all possible, especially if you are in a high risk group due to age or pre-existing health conditions. Road trips and staycations will be the likely method of vacationing in 2020.

With that said, Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing rates popular vacation activities according to health risk


  • Staying at a Hotel


Experts say staying in a hotel itself carries a low to medium risk. Start by asking the hotel if they’ve beefed up their cleaning policies during the pandemic. Bring disinfecting wipes to clean the remote control and other surfaces when you arrive in the room, and limit your time in common areas like the gym, lobby, and restaurant. Wear a mask when in the elevator and use your knuckles to press the buttons.  


  • Using a Public Restroom


Public restrooms carry a low to medium risk, depending on the restroom. A small, poorly ventilated restroom this isn’t cleaned often (like in a gas station off a highway) is going to carry a higher risk than one inside a restaurant that is cleaned frequently. Make sure to use a paper towel to open the door after washing your hands. 


  • Eating at a Restaurant


Try to eat outdoors as much as possible, as being indoors with lots of other people for a prolonged period of time carries a medium to high risk of contracting the virus. Being outdoors improves air circulation.


  • Going to a Beach or Pool


Outdoor water activities carry a low risk as long as you maintain social distancing both inside and outside of the water. 


  • Camping


Camping carries a low risk since you’re outdoors and isolated. If you’re camping with others (and sleeping inside a shared space like an RV or a cabin), it should be safe as long as everyone has been following good social distancing practices in their day-to-day lives. Also beware of shared restroom and communal picnic areas. 

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