Whether its creams, serums, or other therapies, there’s a whole burgeoning industry for anti-aging products.

But there are several things that you might be doing on a regular basis that damage your skin far more than aging itself, and cutting back on those activities could provide you the benefits you’re looking for without having to buy expensive products to keep your skin looking young.

Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at three things that will make you look older than you would like.

  1. Drinking Alcohol Excessively

Drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis can do a number on your skin. Overall, alcohol dehydrates you, which can take its toll on your skin. In addition, booze causes inflammation, which can lead to broken capillaries and swelling in your face and puffiness under your eyes.

  1. Not Keeping Up With Water Intake

We mentioned dehydration with alcohol, so it naturally leads to the fact that staying hydrated with keep your skin looking its healthiest. Most adults do not get enough fluids per day, as the oft-heard eight glasses of water per day isn’t enough for many people. A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in half, and that’s the amount of fluids you should be taking in (in ounces) per day.

  1. Consuming Too Much Sugar

You probably know that too much sugar isn’t good for the inside of your body, but it can also harm the outside as well. When you have too much sugar, the glucose and fructose damage the amino acids in collagen and elastin, which prevents your body from repairing and producing healthy skin.



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