As the years go by, it’s more difficult for our bodies to shed those pesky extra few pounds in the midsection—especially after so many people put on the so-called “COVID 19” during quarantine.

Certain changes that the body goes through—including not being able to burn energy stored in fat cells as easily as in our younger days–make it more difficult to shed that belly fat.

Fortunately, dieticians say there are things you can to do kick-start that weight loss, you just have to be more disciplined about it. Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has five tips for you to lose those extra pounds in time for the summer months.

  1. Add More Fiber

Those over 50 are recommended to take in between 21 and 30 grams of fiber per day. In addition to keeping you regular and promoting gut health, fiber can also help reduce bloating and belly fat.

  1. Hydrate!

In addition to keeping your body going as it should, staying properly hydrated will help with appetite control and increase your metabolism. Even if you’re a little bit dehydrated, your body will have a harder time breaking down fat cells.

  1. Keep Inflammation at Bay

Chronic inflammation will make it nearly impossible for you to lose weight in a healthy way, and it’s also bad for your overall health. Including at least two servings of fish in your diet helps, as does avoiding sugary and heavily processed foods along with alcohol.

  1. Take B12 Supplements

Ask your doctor if a B12 supplement may help you. It’s common that our ability to absorb the vitamin decreases as we age, and it’s key for metabolism and fat loss.

  1. Focus on Lean Proteins

Protein is great for your diet, but too much fatty protein, such as red meat, can create other issues. Focus on lean proteins like beans, lentils, legumes, poultry, and fish.


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