Many people who cut the cable cord in exchange for a handful of streaming services may have found that it was actually easier to have cable—all of the channels they enjoyed in one place for one price.

But if paying for so many channels that you don’t watch isn’t something you want to do again, there are still some tips and tricks to manage the number of streaming services you subscribe to.

Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at four ways to keep your TV costs to less than what you were paying for cable.

  1. Bundle Up

Everyone’s TV viewing habits are different, so the site may be a great place for you to start. The site will ask you questions to determine what type of programming you like to watch, what channels you enjoy, and more. The results will tell you the best streaming options for your TV preferences.

  1. Rotate Through Services

If you subscribe to the various streaming services just for the entertainment offerings, you can easily rotate among three or four. You can “binge” through the episodes you want to see for a month before switching services; by time the three or four months go by, that service you had likely will have new content that you can work your way through.

  1. Share Streaming Services

Most streaming providers will allow for multiple log-ins (standard Netflix plans allow for two, others are unlimited), so it makes sense to pair up with family or friends to subscribe to different services and share the credentials with the other person.

  1. Get Broadcast Networks for Free

The method is a little different than in the past, but digital antennas will still pick up major networks like NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX over the airwaves. This will allow you to get local and national news, weather, and many major sporting events without having to subscribe to any service.


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